Signs Of Diabetes – First Signs Of Diabetes, Symptoms Of Diabetes

The common signs and symptoms of diabetes include an increase in thirst; the urgency to urinate more often, especially at night; feeling extremely tired; loss of weight; blurred vision; repeated episodes of thrush or genital itching. These symptoms of diabetes mellitus are generally the same for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, however, the development of the symptoms differ for each type. 

Diabetes mellitus occurs due to high levels of glucose in the blood because the body can not utilise it efficiently. In Type 1 diabetes, the body can not produce any insulin hormone, therefore, the glucose can not enter the body cells to be used as a fuel and as a result, remains in the blood. In Type 2 diabetes, only small amounts of the insulin hormone are produced – this is generally not enough or the insulin does not work properly.

The first signs of Type 1 diabetes are more obvious, severe and have a quicker onset, usually over a few weeks. Additional symptoms may include cramps, constipation and infections of the skin.

In contrast, those with Type 2 diabetes, their symptoms develop over a period of months and are less obvious, and some may experience no symptoms at all. Additional symptoms may include poor wound healing and the appearance of dark, smooth skin patches on your neck or in the armpits.

The above signs and sypmtoms of diabetes, regardless of the type can be quickly and easily relieved during treatment. Early treatment is necessary to prevent development of serious complications arising from the diabetes.

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